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EXPERIDANCE – Ground-breaking, Impulsive, Magical – this is ExperiDance. Since the company’s conception in 2000, choreographer Sándor Román continues to fuse traditional Hungarian folk dance with modern styles and motifs to create a new era in the art of movement. Through the language of dance, history is vividly brought to life each night. The dazzling combination of lights, sets, costumes, and music produce a truly awe-inspiring effect. Hungarian history and literature are brimming with fire, bravado and passion. These stories presented through dance evoke sentiments of everlasting truth. Heroes emerge and bring to life the fictional character Arany János to tell the story of Nagyida’s gypsies (Nagyidai cigányok), the legend of Ludas Matyi (Revans), and the picture of 1000 years of Hungarian history (Ezeregyév). In the unforgettably flamboyant favourite Hungarian production, Fergeteges, the passionate tale of beautiful Queen Sisi and Count Andrássy is presented with the accompaniment of the world-renown 100 member Gypsy band.


STORIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD – Dance does not have boundaries or limits. Stories do not have boundaries or limits. The Shakespeare-inspired production entitled Szeget Szeggel is a full length show which presents a world of power, unbreakable vows and both man’s bravado and fallibility through a skewed lens. Dance is passionate, emotional and uplifting like a Venetian carnival. With its incredible costumes, A Szenvedélyem, Velence conjures a flamboyant new world on the stage. Prepare to be swept away in the vortex of feelings evoked during the duration of this show. Dance is such a wonder. It makes us believe that anything is possible. It liberates and replenishes. It requires talent and bravery. Da Vinci, the master, is one of these exceptional men. His life’s story involves one thousand and one inventions spinning in a mix of artistry and illusion. ExperiDance presents this story in an original perspective that has never been seen before.


THE COMPANY – Hungarian girls are the most beautiful in the world. The pride of Hungarian men is known far and wide. The synergy produced by the combination these two characteristics creates the momentum for our professional dance group to completely portray their levels of emotion and passion on the stage. The dancers move comfortably from folk dance steps through ballet to astonishing circus-style displays. A 3000 m2 dance studio provides ample space for daily practice and conditioning. Their talent has been showcased around the globe. Even Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance) chooses his dancers from among the ranks of this prestigious troupe.


THE STAGE CREW – In addition to the dancers, international partners contribute to the success of the company. Our Italian agency advertises the shows throughout Europe. The production is a fine tuned machine in which all members from the hairstylists to the light engineers are in the top ranks of their professions. In addition to the human cast and crew, the company has additional equine performers. Hungarian horses are famous race horses and their ability to be trained is unequalled. Some of our productions have harmonized choreographies for horses and riders. Incorporating the synchronised movement of the dancers and background workers is the fruit of many years of painstaking work.


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